St. Andrew's
United Methodist Church
615 Main Avenue SouthWest
Cullman, Alabama 35055
Reaching the lost; Nurturing the faithful
Ministers: Members of the Congregation
Senior Pastor: Jonathan Todd
Office Administrator: Lori Tafazoli
Youth Workers: David & Rita Speegle
Children's Director: Susan Todd
Little Saints: Marci Watts
Organist: Jannie Ratliff
In the event of severe weather, all services will be cancelled.
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In an effort to save postage and paper costs, we will be posting all future newsletters to the website.  If you still wish to receive a hard copy of the newsletter, please contact the church office.
- Director of Youth Ministries
- Director of Children's Ministries
- Choir Director Traditional Service
- Pianist for Traditional Service
Cullman County Shoe Drive 
When: May-August
Where:  SHOE BINS will be available at the  church entrance doors
Shoes will be sent to Third World Countries.  All proceeds made will go to Children’s
Hospital in Birmingham.
Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club
Wednesday, May 25
  9:30 a.m.   Newsletter Folding
  6:00 p.m.   Adult Bible Study
  6:00 p.m.   Children/Youth
  7:00 p.m.   Choir Practice 
Thursday, May 26
  6:00 p.m.   Praise Band Practice
Sunday, May 29
  8:30 a.m.   Contemporary Worship
  9:50 a.m.   Sunday School
11:00 a.m.   Traditional Service
Monday, May 30
  Memorial Day - Church Office Closed
Wednesday, June 1
  6:00 p.m.   Adult Bible Study
  6:00 p.m.   Children/Youth
  7:00 p.m.   Choir Practice 
Thursday, June 2
  6:00 p.m.   Praise Band Practice
Friday, June 3
  6:00 p.m.   Preschool Graduation
Saturday, June 4
  8:00 a.m.   ERT Training